Right now is the best time to think about your home.   Most have stayed home enough to know that they would like changes.  We are excited about the possibility that we can help to fix the problem areas you witnessed while home.   I also saw problem areas in my own home and my kitchen is getting the eye, if you know what I mean.  I have not slowed down myself, for all the years we have been open at our retail location in Clemmons.   Raising children, filling a store with treasures, hiring employees, and making homes beautiful have been such a wonderful life.  I would have it no other way, if I had it all over to do again.  My love is helping people make their homes beautiful.  Sometimes, it takes us a while to find the right treasures.  In Atlanta, there was the Gift market, lots of antique auctions, and then there was Buckhead.   My travels back and forth to Atlanta allowed me to find treasures for our client’s homes that were unique.  So, our customers/clients love their homes even more.  Along with home furnishings, we find artwork to pull rooms together.  Sometimes, the artwork is the focal point of the room.  Whether it is abstracts or landscapes, we love pulling art into a décor.  Your home deserves the love we are willing to give it, since there is No Place Like Home.

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