During the heat of August, I find myself counting the days to the arrival of fall.  Reminders are all around us as we are greeted with back to school sales and rows of school supplies taunting kids at every turn.  While some families prepare for back to school, others try and prepare themselves for “empty nest syndrome” as children leave for college.  Although, a bittersweet time for all, there are ways to remedy the first pangs of sadness felt by those experiencing an empty nest for the first time.

While the young scholars we raised occupy their time adjusting to college life by going to football games, exciting classes, and parties, parents must also find ways to occupy their time.  Empty nesters need to take this time to reinvent the space that now feels so quiet.  This doesn’t mean you need to dump everything in your child’s room; you can have some fun reclaiming that space. 

After my daughter went to college, I turned my attention to her now vacant bedroom.  I wanted a place where I could enjoy a good book in the morning or a warm cup of tea at night, so I created a cozy reading nook. I fashioned the room to be sophisticated and neutral for guests, yet still inviting to my daughter when she visits for fall break. 

You can also use the space to create an area the whole family can enjoy in a different way.  You might decide to create a craft or sewing area, where you can be creative together.  Both young and old can enjoy an updated media and gaming room.  Who knows?  Mom and Dad can finally have the chance to enjoy the Xbox or Wii when no one is looking…or laughing. 

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