June Delugas gave to me—–a little Holiday Cheer, and a whole lot of style! 

“Recently I was called to clients house to deliver some Christmas decorations she’d purchased in the shoppe.  Several beautiful little birds for her tree.  She invited me in and said that she’d been working on the tree, but just wasn’t happy with it and thought the birds were the final touch.  Interior Decorators are a lot like doctors, we don’t give opinions or actually turn our brains on until asked!  So I delivered the ornaments and enjoyed a glass of wine and conversation.

The second time she called the shop, she was looking for something for the tree but just couldn’t put her finger on it.  This time, my creative wheels started turning and I remembered her tree, I grabbed some beautiful red leaves and a few more things from the shoppe and traveled over.

This wonderful client told me that she was still struggling with her tree, then admitted that since her mother was ill over the holidays, her mind was elsewhere and maybe that was why the tree was just not right.  I asked if I could add a few touches and brought out the beautiful red leaves from the shop.  She was unsure until I cut the branch apart and put different parts into the tree, thus adding depth and color to the tree.  I felt the joy of the Holidays, seeing her face light up with that small addition to the tree.

After the red leaves, we added a beautiful beige chenille ribbon drapped down the tree for more depth, then some copper ornaments we had in the shoppe for some final touches.  We both stood back and sighed, looking at our beautiful work of art, ‘Now that is a Christmas tree,’ her husband said as he put his arm around her shoulders.

There’s nothing like spreading Christmas Joy and receiving it back as this wonderful client tells me that even with the hard parts of her mother’s illness, all she has to do is go and look at her tree and it brings a smile to her face!”

June Delugas Interiors wishes everyone the peace and joy of the season, and of course you can always stop by the shoppe for a cup of tea and a few extra ornaments for your work of art!