With so much innovation within the design industry, we are in a good place as a design and general contracting firm. We have the benefit of being able to deliver a turnkey project from start to finish. North Carolina is a great location and state to move to. We have great colleges and plenty of NC manufacturing companies for textiles, rugs, and upholstery. Our ability to create CAD drawings is a great resource for visualizing designs. We can create models of the space being planned, display paint colors, window fashions, carpet, rugs, lamps, lighting, construction changes, and more. Realtors love the ability to refer their clients with confidence. Because we also have the High Point Market only thirty miles away, there is no better place to get inspired than to find yourself lost in these fabulous design exhibitions. Because I moved here from Atlanta, I also know many vendors at the Atlanta market as well and have learned many of my marketing skills during my visits back to Atlanta. I figured why not take advantage of the knowledge I have gained. I needed to learn all I could, especially since I combined it with a market that I could also shop for our store and our clients. We generally see family while we are in Atlanta and sometimes a friend or two which I love. While visiting Atlanta or High Point, we are seeing a lot of new movements on the horizon. There is a trend to freshen up palettes. Everything is soft paired with bold and elegant. We cannot wait to flip through our new fabric and wallpaper books when they come in. Original styling with Interior Design and the love of what you do are so important in this business. Passion shows.


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