Here at June DeLugas Interiors we are seeing a huge push towards quartz counter tops. The combination of its durability and the wide variety of color and pattern options makes this product rival other natural stones. Quartz is more forgiving than concrete and granite, it will not chip or crack as easily. Quartz is non- porous, therefore it resists staining more than granite, marble, and concrete. It is much easier to clean and maintain this product. Being non-porous means it will not harbor bacteria or viruses. Overall we are getting rave reviews over quartz and are consistently using white more than any other color. There are even some quartz patterns that mimic Carrara marble, this is especially popular with clients because it is cheaper than marble and has better clean ability and easier maintenance. Kitchen design is constantly evolving, and now more than ever kitchens are the heart of the home and the spot for entertaining. Our clients are always looking for products that enhance the style of their kitchen without costing them practicality. Clean ability is a huge concern for clients when selecting textiles for their kitchen. Products such as rugs, upholstered barstools and banquets can really add softness and pattern to an otherwise hard kitchen. Performance fabrics have greatly enhanced the market of fabrics we use in kitchens, a place where stains and spills are probable. Also performance or machine washable rugs are on the market allowing easy maintenance for a kitchen rug or runner. There are numerous manufacturers producing performance fabrics. We believe the use of fabric on barstools or a banquet works as a beautiful contrast in a kitchen and is a must have!