We are being asked increasingly to help with our client’s outdoor living spaces. Young people are starting to enjoy the aspect of this trend as well when they set up their homes. It is one of the top wishes on their lists. I was hoping to attend the Atlanta market because they have an entire floor dedicated to vendors that offer outdoor furnishings, ideas, and classes for the how-to aspect of outdoor living. Since we lived there many years ago, I love to visit the market that I know so well. I find it easier to shop one floor in one building for countless items. We also have family that we visit while taking in the market for our business needs. We just finished helping one client on the Coast with their outdoor kitchen and have begun the questionnaire with another about what they desire to achieve. I want to stay on top of these trends since we are a turnkey design firm in the Winston-Salem Area. Few firms offer design, complete furnishings, and construction to their clients. We are proud to be able to do it all. Think about your next project. Will it be Outdoor Living?