While envisioning a new outdoor living space for the season, big design opportunities can come in small packages for a deck, patio, or patch of landscape – you just need to get a little creative. Whether you treat your outdoor space as a seasonal retreat or a year-round haven for outdoor living, it should reflect the style of your interior décor. Treating any outdoor space like your home’s interiors will create a cohesive look and bring the inside out. Many of our furniture manufacturers offer a timeless, classic version of outdoor furniture that inspires a sense of outdoor luxury.

To help in bringing your style outdoors, think of embracing all that the season has to offer to enjoy family and friends. Think of a symmetrical setup of furniture to create a grouping that encourages conversation and connectivity or a quiet space to relax and unwind. Performance fabrics on furnishings such as Sunbrella will keep stains to a minimum. Approach the design by mixing hard and soft elements that juxtapose different materials to accentuate the tactile experience and create a cozy and sophisticated space. Adding outdoor plants to the design will evoke a sense of harmony with nature and look beautiful in seasonal environments.