I’ve written numerous times about editing the mix of periods and styles that each play to and off of others. Now that is a mouthful, but the trick is to not overwhelm the space.  It is what I have done with my own home throughout.  I cannot seem to get away from it.  I thought I would try a few years ago, but it would not have been fair to my true being.  It comes with years of being exposed to my past starting with my grandparent’s home and beach house.  Maybe before that when I began to play with a very large dollhouse my parents bought me for Christmas.  I would build it, create curtains, redo the front door, and constantly rearrange the furnishings.  Hours went by while my two active brothers played in another room screaming and yelling and playing other games that required an abundance of energy.  I wanted nothing to do with their intense energy.  I concentrated on my dollhouse and it was about as tall as I was…a fantastic toy or tool to give to a child to enhance learning.  I contribute my upbringing to whatever I have in my head and the way we see the end result at June DeLugas Interiors.   With color, as with many aspects of design, the right balance is everything.

Passion is plentiful with most design firms.  It is what makes us tick and produce creative work.