Have you spruced up your shelving over the past several years?  I recently painted my flanking cabinets by my fireplace and completely changed the accessories and look I had beforehand.  You would be amazed at how you can bring a totally new look into your room by changing shelf accessories.  A fresh coat of paint to brighten the dull paint finish with pops of color, along with new and old trappings, and you have a renewed look.  I also added a modern painting in front of an antique mirror, a few books, and some antique vases on each end.  My mantle is bigger and deeper than most, so it took more than normal to make it feel like it was complete.  The shelving units are 72” wide per side and the fireplace is 84” wide.  It has a mantle painted white against light stone.  The purpose was to keep an airy and light feel with a twist of the past and the present.  Add a few gold accessories against white and you will also get a modern twist.  Antique Staffordshire dogs, creamware, original artwork, and memorabilia, as well.   You too can decorate your shelving, just play with it until you think it looks good.  If you need help, you can always call us.  Past and present is so inviting!