Pick up any magazine and you are likely to see pillows on the front cover and throughout the magazine. Pillows are a quick way to update your living room, bedrooms, or even your outdoor living spaces.

When we make designer pillows, we use the best down forms available, because it really does make a difference how dense the pillow is. If someone is allergic, we use the polyfill forms. We then carefully strategize our plan for each client’s home by choosing all the fabrics for each of the elements.

Start with the classic sofa fabrics and then the multitude of optional materials for the pillows, including size, welt, or no welt. If anyone knows us and comes into our store, we always have a vast array of pillows on our beds, chairs, and sofas. We are constantly exchanging them for new ones, too.

We either make custom pillows or we purchase from designer fabric sources where the fabrics are unique. We are constantly sourcing because pillows can be the main source of accents in a home. We see everything imaginable. There are thousands of pillows displayed in a variety of showrooms when we go to multiple markets. Some of the prettiest fabric pillows we have seen were at the Atlanta antique market. Go figure, right? There was one ethnic group of antique fabrics that was out of this world! I cannot wait to go back to Atlanta. It is also a shame to cut up the fabrics, but sometimes we make throws to savor the uniqueness of the fabrics. I have noticed some manufacturers are making the patterns I saw to duplicate the look. I like the original myself. When something unique is found, it is not long before it catches on. It is amazing how that works.

You know you can express your personality with pillows; you can be bold, calm, or even casual. Create that pizzazz with a savvy pop of color…teal, orange, yellow, emerald, red, lime, black, coral, blue. Colorful prints with all the colors you prefer. For a truly custom look, you can have a photo of your pet hand-painted onto a silk pillow. For the store, we have a custom pillow featuring our mascot dog, Chewy. We have sold multiple pillows with hand-painted pets just by using a photo reference from our clients. This past Christmas was such an occasion for a repeat customer.

Don’t be bored with your current style. Live with flair and add your favorite pillows to any room and update your space. Call June DeLugas Interiors for help with selecting the correct ensemble of pillows for your home.