If anyone knows about remodeling, we do. Collectively, with the three designers at our firm, we each have our specialty. Remodeling in one of those specialties. It is Christmas time and probably hard to think about the next few months. But, if you are planning to remodel in 2023, I would suggest you start at least the planning phase now. For our firm, we like to design on CAD, create construction documents, and provide a rendering so the client can see the outcome. Sometimes they do not need all the visuals, but if they do, we can provide them. To the point, startup requires measuring, CAD drawings, planning, and approval from the client before starting. We make the process easy for our clients by providing a complete turnkey option. It is actually a great way to ease the stress of a project where workers will be coming and going in your home. The designers in charge of the project will ease your worries by providing all the scheduling and communication. A bonus from designers is colors and finishes that look great. Typically, a design firm will provide an updated look that is classic enough to last 15 years. Furnishing is another bonus and furnishing means everything: furniture, window treatments, rugs, art, and lamps. Again, a CAD drawing is provided showing the best possible layout of a room for furnishings, flow, and color. Another great asset if you use a designer is they have the inspiration and creativity. We see in 3D. Literally we can walk into a room and instantly envision the room. Plan your next remodel soon. Materials take time to ship, and scheduling is based around the product coming in.