Is it Soft? Is it Luxurious? Is it Timeless? These are the questions that our clients most often ask when we are planning to redo their bedroom. “Yes!” is typically my answer to these questions. Bella Notte, Sferra Fine Linens and Peacock Alley are all featured in our Clemmons retail store.

My signature accent color is Blue, and we often use it in our clients’ bedrooms. The reason is that blue is relaxing, romantic and soothing. I recently painted my own bedroom and bathroom Paperwhite by Benjamin Moore. It is one of the most pleasing colors and I am in love with it. It is a beautiful, light, crisp blue. In one of our showcase homes, we accented the blue with lots of white along with hints of grey and gold in the tile for the adjoining bathroom. We also provided the bedding in multiple layers. We drew from all 3 of the above-mentioned bedding lines. The result was a calm oasis.

Our clients ask us for elegant spaces. We begin with soft fabrics, a tall, tufted headboard, and designer lighting. Next, Nightstands can be painted or stained, whichever the client prefers. Lastly, we will tie the whole look together with a plush, cozy rug. Now, imagine yourself in such a space. Couture textiles that fit our everyday lifestyle are what we recommend. The bedding lines mentioned above are all washable and have the highest quality cotton and fabrics that you can find.

Home furnishing styles can change but your bedroom can remain classic and timeless. When selecting furniture for your bedroom, imagine the sense of calm you wish to feel at the end of a long day. Or where you would like to read a book on a rainy day. Everyday living should be easy, and your home should be your safe space. You do not have to sacrifice luxury for comfort. Let the best of both worlds combine to create the bedroom of your dreams. An investment in your bedroom can help you achieve the feeling of falling in love again with the things you already have. Get a good night’s sleep enjoying your own private paradise.

Happy Thanksgiving & God Bless