Over the years we have had some design questions that warrant sharing and some attention.

If I were going to splurge on furniture, what would it be?
Answer: Purchase the best sofa that your budget can afford.

What is the next trend?
Answer: I have always spent money on what I love. Mixing and matching works if you want a change. That is where you can add those trendy accents while keeping your mom’s treasured pieces. I love my grandmother’s and mom’s treasures and to me, they are timeless.

What size rug do I need for a room?
That is a tricky question. We create a CAD of the room size and determine the rug size needed. For instance, if it is a dining room, we want all the legs to sit on the rug. If it is a living room, the sofa’s front legs should sit on the rug.

What color cabinets should I consider for my kitchen?
The #1 color I have seen as a preference is white. However, we add island and base colors to cabinets and don’t hesitate to suggest a color like blue or green if the customer thinks they will love it long term. It depends on the circumstances. Spec homes for contractors use white for the kitchen and normally I select a color for the island, powder room, and laundry room.

What size pillows should I use on my king bed?
I have a passion for decorating beds. We typically use 3 Euros 27” x 27” and two king shams in front of the Euros. Sometimes, if a client will let us, we add one decorative pillow in front as well as a throw.

Part 2 will follow next week.