Is lighting really that important?
The answer is yes. Lighting fixtures should have a good budget when updating your home. It is easy to see the difference in a fixture that is quality and those that are not. If you need to, it is better to forgo something else to get the best lighting fixtures. We emphatically suggest you consider this. We work hard for our clients to find the perfect fixtures. Two things to consider, how much light do you need and what color should the finish be.

What dates a backsplash?
Tile styles change as everything else does in a home. The simpler styles are more prevalent. The reason is that the simple style usually stays current longer. For instance, the 3” x 6’” subway tile has been around for an exceptionally long time. I remember it from the ninety’s magazines from England. The styles of subway tile have been expanded to larger subway tiles, wavy subway tiles, and marble subway tiles and they usually come in all colors.

What are your recommendations for accent pillows?
This is a simple answer. A lot of pillows on the sofas and beds. We love mixing multiple pillows on sofas. Remember you will remove some as a need arises for company to make room to sit on the sofa. But long term, the addition of color is magnificent. It is the most effective way to change up a room. This is another area that we like to use designer fabrics with down inserts.