It is that time of year again when changes are inevitable.  Springtime brings out fervor in women to think about ideas of freshness that can be added without much ado.  I am also scouring fabrics for pillows to freshen up my own sofa.  I have taken three different groups of materials home already to try.  I do the same thing for my clients when selecting fabrics for them.  I pull several textures and patterns, view them in the client’s home to feel the lighting, and then select the best one.    I am also looking at new shams and a duvet for the foot of my bed since my master bedroom bedding is eight years old.    The current bedding is neutral so it is easy to add a pop of color and still keep the main items.    You too deserve a freshening up of your home.  Think about it.


Bella Notte Hickory Chair (3) Lillian August Miles talbott Miles Talbott Pearson