You would not believe it, but when I see random objects, I normally think of something creative to go with it or to work with it.  As I found some deep turquoise antique lamps and I am dying to use them in a project. Guess what, we have a show house coming up that we will be using them in.  We based the design around the color of the antique lamps.  Turquoise and beautiful.  By using multiple tones of blue our fabrics will work just fine with these blue turquoise lamps.   Paintings, throws, pillows and rugs all play into the planning of a room based around these lamps.   You know my strategy is simple; I strategically layer color to build the room.    The effects are normally effective and lovely.  White is a perfect complement to turquoise and blues.  They are contrasting to each other but look great accented in the same room.    When putting a room together, we will often choose accessories that bring out the beauty of the art and the lamps.  It is all about balance.  At one of my client’s homes, we used many forms of turquoise.  A turquoise rug with white curtains.  The chairs were faux finished in a mid-light to gray and the fabrics were light with accents of turquoise in the back with an embroidery.  The white curtains had a trim that is an embroidery turquoise.  Therefore, a sea of turquoise made this room so pleasing when you walk into it.  We layered the art, fabrics and rugs with a balance of light and color.  It could not be any more beautiful.  As designers, we love beautiful fabrics.  We might get something in and lay it out to enjoy for a while.  That happened recently with a Brunschwig & Fils fabric that I know is so right for a client’s office.  Everyone that walks by mentions it.  I cannot wait to make this fabric and the curtains that will belong to the ceiling and accented with a gold pole.  Yes, gilded gold is back and an entire canvas can be imagined from one swatch of fabric.  “Random Objects.”