We receive many calls asking us to select, place and hang art for new clients moving into the area, as well as people just wanting to rearrange their existing collection.    There are a few standard rules for hanging a picture, but we generally use our eyes and experience to tell us what works best.   For the height, normally hang the print with a third of the space above and 2/3 of the space below the art.  Sometimes that rule will not apply due to structures or if there is a piece of furniture involved.  Over a mantle, the general rule is to leave about 3-4” from the mantle to the bottom of the art.

For most homes, we normally use the weight of the art to determine the appropriate hanger, wire, or if special wall mounts are required.   While these are considered general guidelines, many times we create multiple picture groupings on the floor before hanging them on the wall.  Your individual taste will ultimately influence the exact height and placement because personal preference is most important because all people see things differently.  Some spaces will require less art while other walls may require larger groupings.  A good interior designer has the experience and eye to make your rooms a showcase.