We are seeing a return of red, white, and blue colors expertly mixed in fabric and design.  Functional flow and stylish simplicity are always at the top of our agenda when we see something new. A classic design is essential for a timeless look.  It always stops me in my tracks each time we receive new fabrics and design magazines with photos of this combination.  I love these colors.  Sometimes they throw in another color with this combination like gray, yellow gold, green, and black to name just a few.  We are ready to roll up our sleeves and create something interesting with the return of these colors.  I’m already thinking about my own home. We want to show this bold personality in a room or more than one room with a continuous look from room to room showcasing the return of wonderful color combinations.  With the holidays around the corner, believe it or not, it is a good time to redecorate with these colors which will easily work with your Christmas décor.  Most are starting to decorate for Christmas much earlier than we did 25 years ago.  We see Christmas décor showing up in stores now.  We have not staged our store for Christmas yet but will have a planning meeting to work on a strategic plan soon.  It does take time and that is why so many stores start early.  Preplanning and having the essential staff are things to consider.  Think about your next group of fabrics when considering your color combinations.  A few pillows, artwork, rugs, and other simple accessories will work well for a simple change.  Red, White, and Blue.