If you have any of the above in your plans, think about a well-designed space.

What we are seeing in our travels and markets show us that it takes time to layered and to find all the right pieces.  That is what we do for our clients.  We text photos to them of furnishings or accessories we find.  This will clarify if they are interested.  We, of course, usually think so before texting.    There is so much to consider with a good plan of action.  Start with a CAD drawing, figuring out the colors you want, the layout that works best and how you use the space, whether you want transitional, traditional, modern, southern style or farmhouse.

Most designers are getting away from grays and we are seeing more earth tone naturals and interjections of color.  As lighting trends go, we see well thought out pieces.  I love all that we have available to use now.  Lighting that is available is definitely more creative in design.   A little gold mixed with silver and crystal is big time.   Iron is also very popular, especially the farmhouse styles.  Design does not happen overnight and we tell our clients if they will be patient, they will love their homes.  Once they start seeing a fresh coat of paint, new furnishings coming in or maybe even a new bathroom, they start getting excited to finish the rest.

I am the same way.  Keeping your structural elements classic will last a lifetime.  You can change the wallpaper, the light fixtures, fabrics with classic structural elements.   We love what we do whether it is a redecorating or new construction, we love it all…….

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