Lamps are such an important part of any room’s décor.  For myself and other designers alike, we will accessorize with as many lamps as the client will let us.  Lamps bring so much life to any setting.  A room may call out for something with color, shape and size as much as a unique piece of art.   You can’t go wrong with redefining lamps for any setting.

My daughter took her grandmother’s Japanese white lantern lamps that are 60 years old to her apartment.  My husband rewired and revamped the harps and shades.  My daughter said her new lamps were redefined with character and mean so much to her.

Recently, I found a pair of large 1970s cobalt blue pottery lamps at an antique store that I peruse regularly.   A vendor asked if they were for sale.  Unfortunately for him, I had already promised these beauties to a client.  I sent photos of the lamps to a client knowing they were perfect for her new home.

DSC_3517  DSCN6390 DSC_2426 DSCN5657


DSC_2877 Side Table Lamp