When I think of redefining the Southern home, my head starts spinning.   How to transform the traditional to transitional designs?   Redefining could mean anything; adding a new sofa that has clean lines or switching out the light fixtures to a lighter feel or removing that heavier wrought iron look that has been lurking around for years.    Some clients may want new bedding that is divine.  I love my returning customers that want a change after ten years.    I’ll ask all the right questions so that I can get into their mind as to what they are thinking.   It could be the exact opposite of what I am thinking.  If I could just take a snapshot of what they actually see in their mind’s eye it would be easier.

Sometimes I will start with several photos to get to what they are trying to achieve.  It may take hours of research and hours of drawings to get there, but we somehow manage to create the look our clients want.    What is your dream change?  “You Dream It, We Design It!”


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