Most of us connect with our homes.  I know myself that my homes have all had a special place in my heart.  We have moved three times in our married life.  Each time, I hated leaving our home.  However, each time we created a new home and we made it our own.  This is what we do for our customers.  We make their dwelling home to them.  Connecting is for family and friends that enjoy your home as well as you do.  Comfort is about furniture, color, fabrics, textures, artwork, rugs, and color.  When we start a project, we never see the bad in the architecture.  There is always beauty in every home we go into.  If it is compact, we expand it.  If it is dark, we lighten it.  If it is lacking color, we add a little.  We ask our clients how they see themselves with regards to their style.  Most people really don’t know.  We help them pin it down.  Creating your own style and personality can be as easy as collecting all sorts of things. Rediscover your own design.