Mirrors have their place in our homes and are more than just utilitarian.   We are always trying to find the most appropriate mirror size, style, and location for our clients’ homes.   We conceptualize the space whether it will be on a wall, over a chest, a vanity, or a dresser and begin the process of looking through our catalogs to find that special jewel.  Mirrors may come with multiple bevels and curves, the frames may be distressed, bamboo, carved, gold, or silver.  Other options include a double mirror, inset mirrors, a starburst design, round, vertical, horizontal, diamond shaped, cross-bar shaped, and much more.  So many choices.  Imagine that.  Mirrors are reflective, expand spaces, and play a major role in your décor.   Currently, we are looking for a graceful gilded gold mirror with a precise shape and size.  You would think that would be easy, but it isn’t.  I think I can start counting the gray hairs appearing with this project.

Consider mirrors as the focal point of any room when making your selection.   I am really impressed with the options manufacturers have shown us over the past few markets.  They are beautifully crafted with details and innovative designs, not to mention eye tantalizing textures and luxurious finishes.    Depending on where your mirror is placed, its reflection is also a very important consideration as to which mirror is purchased and where it is placed in the home.