We love Christmas and getting a good start ahead of the crowd is what we are doing at our store.  We decorated early into October and now we can tweak the rest with new bedding, new pillows, and a new sofa.   We have updated our art with local artist’s work and love their talent.   We have two major home installations for the upcoming weeks where we strategize the changes to the house, order the home furnishings, bedding, and artwork and implement.  We have plans to hang art in two of those homes in November in time for the holidays.  Color is becoming popular again, but don’t forget neutrals that are timeless.  The color can always be added to your neutrals for change.  That is what we do for our clients and they love the interjection of color through pillows, artwork, or even curtains.  Gold metals are popular and add a warmth to homes.  We love using burnished gold light fixtures and gold hardware for window treatments.  It is not the old brass that was used in the 70’s.  It is patina gold or brushed gold and looks so fabulous with lighter cabinets.  I also love champagne gold that Delta uses on their plumbing fixtures.  The hardware used on cabinets and furniture are very complimentary to champagne bronze.   I saw gray painted furniture at market that used designer hardware, and it was beautiful.  I think the fact that gold has changed hues makes it more acceptable and for sure it is a warm accent used with cools.  We love to gold stripe wood furniture, thereby complimenting other golds in the room.

Another very popular trend is wallpaper to bring a breath of fresh air to a room, especially powder rooms and dining rooms.    When you begin your next design project, think smart, stylish, and right to hire professional help.


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