When you think of relaxing, what do you think of?   Is it time off from work, a day trip, gardening, watching TV, or just resting at home?  All are good ideas, but of course, our idea of relaxing is enjoying time in the home that we help create.  It is what designers do best.  That is why it is important to ask all the right questions to our clients:  what are your favorite colors, how do you see yourself using this room, do you want curtains or blinds, do you have pets and children, what type of lighting and natural light do you need, is this a place where you watch TV?  Once we know the answers to these questions, we can start planning the room to fit our client’s needs.  We begin with a layout for the room, including seating to accommodate the family and guests.  After we have selected furniture pieces, we then move onto choosing appropriate fabrics, and then paint colors, rugs, and window treatments. We typically like to have two different scenarios for the client to choose from.  If additional fabrics or furniture pieces are needed, we can select from our extensive library until we have found the perfect match for your new relaxed design.