Spring is upon us and we are getting a multitude of calls inquiring about different remodels and wanting our professional help.  Bathrooms and kitchens are neck and neck.  Which comes first is the client’s number one dilemma that we try to help them with.  Spring is also the season, and another reason, for sprucing up your home.  April showers not only bring May flowers, but baby showers, graduation parties, Mother’s Day gatherings, and a host of other events that lend themselves to welcoming visitors to your remodeled home.  Take a deep breath, relax, and let a professional help you sort it all out.

Some recent new client appointments have been about new paint colors for the home.  Most people do not have a trained eye for colors and the various finishes available, but are bitten by the color bug.  Did you know that the human eye can differentiate 10,000 shades of black?  We try to help them sort out this most important part of their Spring sprucing.  Spring can also be a time that you are ready to update your home with new furniture, artwork, window treatments, and rugs.  There is no one who can do this part better than a professional.   We have trained eyes and years of experience to create your canvas and make it all work for you.  Just like a doctor diagnoses your health issues, we can provide you a positive prognosis and treatment plan for your home.  Artwork can be a great addition and conversation piece to a room, while pillows are my favorite things to bring personality to a neutral room.    Sometimes, they can be colorful with lots of patterns and sometimes they need to be tonal, soft, and classic.   I also love adding a throw over the sofa for a softer look.   Throws are good for beds, as well as to add another textural or colorful addition to the room   Next, we need to talk about lighting.  Lighting is so important.  Light fixtures go out of style nearly as quickly as clothing.    Exchanging a few key chandeliers to newer styles can be very rewarding when updating your home.  We can special order lighting for our clients.  We are also a stocking dealer for all aspects of your home and can provide the essentials needed to complete your project.

Most folks don’t know that we are also a full-service design firm and retail store.  We continually update the furniture, bedding, lighting, lamps, artwork, accessories, and rugs for sale in our store.  We have a design center for new construction and remodeling with samples of countertops, tile, carpet, and hardwood flooring.  We also provide CAD drawings of the projects we are working on and project management for your remodel project to make it as seamless and turnkey as possible for your ultimate convenience.  We provide practicality and function first, because if a room does not work, who will use it?

2016 Winston-Salem Home Builders Association Platinum Home Award Winner

2016 Winston-Salem Home Builders Association Distinguished Associate Award Winner

God Bless!