We just finished going to the High Point Furniture market. Each of the NC manufacturers we frequently use had rooms set up in a traditional look. In some of their room settings, there was a mix of tradition and clean lines. We have the choice of furnishing homes with every style available. There were a few vignettes decorated with a mountain retreat feel. Blue continues to be the star of all color theories. Soft blues and strong blues, but I also noticed Coral/Burnt/Raspberry Red as being a strong comeback as well. Benjamin Moore’s color of the year for 2023 is Raspberry Blush 2008-30. Greens are mixed in with most blues. After all, blue and green are complementary colors. Hickory Chair is a Hickory manufacturer that has been making furniture in NC for 100+ years. Their showroom was sectioned off with each of their designer’s next season presentations. We saw nice light wood finishes mixed with metals of any color. Whites, blues, light wood, metals, and soft vintage rugs set the stage for most of their rooms. Neutral and balanced rooms. White Oak wood has made a comeback with grains showing but in lighter finishes. The texture is pleasing. There was a small amount of Mid-Century Modern pieces, but those seemed to have a mixed style and not totally the l950s-1960s look. But it certainly simulated the era. Hinges pulls, and brackets were large and heavier than we had seen in the past. Interesting with white oak. I liked the juxtaposition. You have so many choices these days. When we are designing for customers, we usually stay classic so their style will stay with them and is not trendy. Trends come and go; therefore, respecting tradition seems fair.