Hopefully, this special season finds you and your family nestled all snug in your beds.  As you take a break from the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, take a look around your bedroom.  Is it a place you can settle in for a really relaxing long winter’s nap?  Or is your room the last place you or anyone else in your house wants to be.  If the latter is true for you, rest assured, you are not alone.  Most people put their bedrooms last on Santa’s list.

Everyone seems to work other rooms first.  The kitchen and family rooms being the most popular and mainly used are always done, and redone, before the bedrooms.  Guests and visitors are told to “make themselves at home” upon entering every area in the house, other than the bedrooms.

I have a friend whose guest bedroom gets so cluttered during the holiday season, she has resorted to putting a wreath on the door with a sign that reads “Don’t Open until Christmas” and she has given strict orders to her husband if anything happens to her, he is not to let people see how awful that bedroom looks.

Bedrooms should be private restful nests where one retreats at the end of the day.  After all, one can’t really relax with a stack of books the size of their nightstand and a pile of rejected outfit options piled on their exercise bicycle staring back at you.

Recently, at the High Point Market, I was inspired by the new color and pattern introductions.  Hopefully, my recent purchases featured in the photographs will inspire you to create a blissful, relaxing sanctuary for yourself or your guests.

I started my dream room with a fabulous bed by Somerset Bay.  I designed the window treatments to be simple, yet complex in pattern and color.  The window treatments set off the colors in the Peacock Alley bedding.  The cool grey tones calm the warmth of the gold colors and textures to create a vibrant, yet classically understated elegance.  The room is relaxing, however cheery.  Break tradition and redo your bedroom or guest bedroom this year and you won’t want to keep the door closed.  You will want everyone to see what a fabulous haven you have created.  Please visit our website or showroom and design center for more inspiration and ideas.

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Merry Christmas and God Bless,