There are so many words that are being used for explaining design.  Restructuring comes to mind when we are beginning a remodel project.  Most of our clients will use the phrase “restructuring closet”, “restructuring kitchen”, etc., when we begin working with them on how they describe what they want.   We help people see what they imagine.  We render it, come up with ideas, and make suggestions.  Some clients want us to implement the changes.  As a design and contract firm, we want to make the lives of our clients better and comfortable.  With Covid-19, it is even more important that people get the professional help they need.  We are a trusted player that will make their project come to fruition seamlessly.  If there are problems, we handle them, especially with the consequences of the lockdown seeing every crack, chip, and faded materials that clients cannot wait to replace or update.  Flooring is no exception.  There is an explosion of clients wanting new flooring.  Homeowners are interested in home improvements after spending hours looking at what they presume is a problem, for example, aging flooring, dirty walls, and tired looking interiors.   Finishes are important and with an all-in-one Design/Contract/Retail firm, we have everything you need in our library and the labor to make the changes needed to update a home.  Turnkey and restructuring design will be fun for you if you get our professional help.