Time has a way of repeating itself with colors and design. I know I have seen this color combination at some time in my life, but it seems so refreshing and happy to me now. I love these combinations. Gold, blue, and a touch of green are such classics.  How could you go wrong? I know of several places I would use this combination in homes we are working on. These photos depict a cozy sitting room. I could imagine the wallpaper in a dining room or a powder room. One of the great attributes of this wallpaper design is the way it plays on feelings and emotions. It is more traditional and comfortable. We see a trend of old becoming new at this time when we have gone through the pandemic for more than a year. I think the color trends are here to help us feel better and bring about a certain peace. For me, I love the awesome inviting color combination and pattern. It could be French, Americana, or simply traditional. We have been known throughout the years to mix old and new really well. Sometimes just adding a few vintage pieces to a room is all it needs. A grandmother’s piece of pottery, a mother’s dinnerware set, an uncle’s favorite rug, and the list goes on and on. I have so much from my past from grandparents and my parents, I keep trying to pass it to my children. They have agreed to begin taking some of their treasures this coming holiday season. Remember the return of classics with your next project because you are going to begin seeing more and more in stores. Be sure to be on the lookout for Classic Wallpapers and Fabrics that coordinate. It is trending.