I just returned from the Atlanta antique market where I was shopping for vintage rugs for different projects.  Rugs, as I have mentioned before, are the hardest to find.  I normally try to start with the rug because rugs are the hardest to locate.    If we make a rug a certain size from a carpet, it is much easier to coordinate with the room you are decorating.     Trying to find a one-of-a-kind rug is quite challenging.   Sometimes, I just find the perfect rug and take it to the client’s home to live with it for a while.  Normally they love it and keep it.  It is challenging, even for myself.  I have an idea in my head and finding the needle in the haystack is the problem with me.  Although, for clients, I can make decisions a lot quicker.  I have heard other professionals say the same thing.  We have a multitude of rug books in our library, as well as carpets that we can have made into rugs in any size.  That works really well for us, most of the time.   At each market, I order samples of rugs to have in our library when working on projects.  For our firm, we are a complete design service that will create the look you want with samples to show you.  That is why our tag line is “ Start with Us.”     We love to turnkey a project.     Check out some of our rugs we brought back a day early, due to the snow in NC that was coming.