When we meet with clients, we know that every customer is different and every room they want to work on is special.  We travel to all of the Markets, near and far, to find and present the perfect elements to create the space they desire from floor to ceiling.  We consider all aspects of the rooms to be designed along with the current wishes of our clients.    While doing so, the projects begin to evolve.  Selecting one component such as tile, and then countertops, leads to the paint color and sometimes the overall theme that is needed to complete the space.  For instance, we are working on two homes with a local builder and today I changed the tile in the master bath, which had not been ordered yet, to something different because I was not happy with my first choice.  This one change progressed to the cabinets, hardware, lighting, and countertops until it began to have a personality of its own.   The changes were magnificent and bubbling with personality.  I was so thrilled driving down the road and telling myself, I am glad we saw that the tile was just not working with rest of the house.  Now we can select the paint colors for the inside and out.  Homes do take on personalities of their own.  We have the most interesting job going into homes to see what another person has fashioned.  Homes may be feel empty and lifeless, but I can find greatness in any house.  Most clients ask us to make their homes feel warm and inviting.  They want to be comfortable and feel good while in their home.  Colors do play a pivotal role with all of the decisions required to create a home that speaks to you.  It can be the colors in a painting or the furnishings, which is a “self-reflection” for most.  We all select the colors that we love to wear, and most of the time your favorite colors play a major role in your home as well.