Now that January 2014 has reached us, we are gearing up with a few new remodel projects.  January is always a good time to start thinking about what you need to accomplish during the New Year.  I was watching Under the Tuscan Sun, where a single lady fell in love with a house in Tuscany on a tour, bought it, remodeled it, and lived happily ever after.  Isn’t that what it is all about? …falling in love with our homes, making them our safe havens for our families, and creating many memories in the place you call home. 

 Think about the unexpected and maybe even something dramatic when considering the endless possibilities that can be done to update:  change a color, add new cabinets, maybe even new furnishings and window treatments.    Our goals for helping customers accomplish these tasks are done with love, a sense of humor, and a desire for comfort and style.  For us, it is usually a mistake to impose an individual’s taste on a room that has its own style and sense of place.   

 Start with strong architecture; resurrect and reinvent the past, do the unexpected, and be bold with your decisions.  Sometimes, you just shake up the elements of classic design and create visual excitement.  Classic designs can be from the past or the future.  We like to think that understanding past projects helps with our future projects.  Now if you feel you cannot possibly do this on your own, give June DeLugas Interiors a call.  We will map out your projects by strategic planning and implementation within your budget.  Remember the dramatic and unexpected comes easily for us.

Happy New Year and God Bless!


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