For those of you experiencing the emotional adjustment of children growing up and leaving home, there are many positive aspects of being an empty nester to look forward to. As your children approach adulthood, they embark on a new and exciting new chapter in their lives, and you should do the same. Whether you have been thinking of home improvements for a long time or want to redesign your interior to suit your new lifestyle, design plays an important role.

What I would like to encourage my readers to do this month is to look inward and think about what would make them happy. The house is now all you own and the perfect time to rethink your spatial design. Do you have dreams of a glamorous bathroom or a remodeled kitchen with professional space planning? Redesigning these spaces has been the most popular project we have undertaken over the past few years.

Transforming newly vacant spaces can be an exciting opportunity to conceive of a new space. Whether your son or daughter has outgrown the need for his or her own bedroom, they will still require a warm and welcoming sleeping retreat for future visits. Now is the perfect time to redesign their childhood space into a grown-up guest room with all the comforts of home. Plush, tailored bedding and custom furnishings layered with sentimental touches will show your child that there’s no place like home and that the door is always open.  Don’t forget the bathroom they use to complete the newly designed bedroom.

No need to worry, hire June DeLugas Interiors to design and turnkey the remodeling process for you. Our design staff is ready and waiting for you.

Thank you and enjoy a great month in North Carolina.