Christmas, to me, is about making memories to treasure and getting ready for fabulous get-togethers.  As a design firm, we are immersed in making our clients’ homes comfortable and inviting for those gatherings with family and friends.  Even the most elaborate homes can be inviting and radiate with warmth.  We embrace Christmas with the enthusiasm and joy of old St. Nick himself.

One of my favorite rooms to decorate is the dining room, adorning with treasures you already own.  There are so many ways to embellish a table; a simple collection of candlesticks atop a table runner sprinkled with greenery can be magical.  Another option is to place antique dishes from Grandmother on a linen tablecloth. At our store in Clemmons, we have a pair of handmade Italian sheep, created using a centuries-old technique that would make a great centerpiece.  The sheep would easily fill the middle of the table without competing with the chandelier. 

Transitioning to the family room typically calls for decorating the family Christmas tree, blending the old with the new.  My tree is a collection of 2,000 ornaments and motifs going farther back than my own childhood.  I inherited my mother’s vintage ornaments which I blend with the newest ribbon on the tree to adapt to today’s taste.  I always add something new each year; it takes me a week to complete and then top off with our traditional angel.  For my family, we start the festive decorating on Thanksgiving by bringing the tree to the family room, setting it up and making sure all the lights are still working.  My college-aged daughter loves decorating with me and I love spending time with her, thereby making some simple joys and memories for the season. 

Remember that the Christmas holiday is about family, friends, and love, so it is okay to overdo.  Fa La La La La, La La La La”

                                                                                    Merry Christmas and God Bless.