Fabrics have become so impressive with so many options by Performance Fabrics, Sunbrella, and other cleanable solutions.  Many of our clients have pets that are also family members and they want to make sure when making a selection the fabrics can hold up to the abuse one’s entire family might inflict.  Of course there isn’t any fabric that is totally indestructible.  However, Crypton and Sunbrella fabrics come very close.  Today, they come in multiple beautiful colors and patterns.  We can offer sofas, pillows, rugs, and window treatments for a room that will be both children and pet friendly.  If we cannot find the fabric you are looking for, we can have a friendly to the earth treatment applied to the top of the rug or fabric to make it more durable.  Thibaut is one of our vendors that we carry in our store, and they have a plethora of colors and designs.  They also make furniture that uses wallpaper to create drama, is sealed to the wood, and great looking too.

All of our manufacturers, Hickory Chair, Hickory White, The MT Company, Bassett, and more, all have beautiful options within their performance fabric departments.  We now have a bed on our Showroom and Design Center floor that is made from Crypton fabric, as well as a sofa that is covered in a Sunbrella fabric you can come in and see.  Simplify your life and use the new performance fabrics for any new furnishings for your home.  You will not regret it!