I have discovered that when we purchase things we love, those become unique items for our clients. We research, shop, and finish with a sophisticated design. Working with our client’s own personal style is inspiration for us to find what they dream of. Our key is to make homes comfortable and beautiful. Sometimes we focus on just design and decoration and other times, it is the look and their lifestyle. Homes inside and out should relate to each other. Today’s design world mixes styles but we still believe that you need to carefully edit the mix. For instance, adding an antique gilded gold mirror to a totally modern white wall becomes a piece of art. I have been looking for a gilded gold antique mirror for my own home for two years. I will know it when I see it, therefore, the large wall I have will wait. On the other end of the spectrum, adding an abstract to a traditional home has the same married mix. The right balance is everything, sophisticated simplicity.