At the market last week, we saw everything from sophisticated simplicity to complicated when it comes to design and retail.  Pillows are all the hype and can easily be swapped out for an instant change to a room.  The colors and patterns to select from are enormous.  For our retail location, we are always trying to select the designer fabric pillows that have more of a unique look.   Of course, that is getting harder to do with the thousands of patterns offered today.  As a design firm, we stay inspired by being out and about and going to markets three to four times a year which is inspiring all together.   The trips we make to the Atlanta market also brings us the opportunity to shop along the way at the antique stores off the highway and in Atlanta.  During our four-day trip to Atlanta, we make trips to rug warehouses and the huge antique show that is there at the same time as market.  The Atlanta market also has a rug market the week before the merchandise show.  These markets are important to us in so many ways.  They are educational and we love shopping for new product, at the same time.  Seminars are offered on marketing, florals, kitchens and baths, design speakers, technology, and so much more.   We are dealers for bedding and design, so the interest carries us to those manufacturers to keep up with the newest and best look for the upcoming seasons.  Color is also important when it comes to what is new at market.  Market brings about new product and changes.  Spring is normally the biggest thrill at the High Point market, to see what has changed.   Showrooms spend a lot of money to change out their décor for us buyers.  We have the pleasure of bringing you some of those photos of our experience.  We can tell you from our personal take on the color most used in showrooms this year it was a calming fresh mineral blue.  The colors really caught my eye.  This color also brings to me the thought of Sophisticated Simplicity.    Corals were big pops in most showrooms, which by the way is the Pantone color of the year for 20l9.