With Thanksgiving behind us and Christmas upon us, hospitality is a current thought.  My family filled the entire house for the Thanksgiving holiday.  All five beds were used, even if but a few times a year.  Otherwise they are used multiple times during the year for one-night visits.  So, that brings me to Southern Style and Hospitality.  My husband and I were gracious and grateful hosts to all of our extended family.  It is important to me to use the China during this time a year that his mother left us.  It is Noritake and about 75 years old.  Lovely, simple gold-edged with pine cones in gold and such a nice pattern.  Anything will complement it.  We mixed my mother’s Christmas tree Spode dishes for desserts which has a date of l992 on the back of the Spode.  I also love mixing and matching our Southern style dishes with white linens.  For the dining room, I used my Irish Linen tablecloth that I purchased in Ireland in 20l2, but for breakfast, I used my grandmother’s crocheted tablecloth.  So, with twelve to fourteen people in the house, it does take more than one table for everyone to eat.  At breakfast, we just made simple bacon and eggs, because the family had to go their separate ways, one group to Durham, one group to Atlanta, and the other group to Columbia, SC.  Our old neighbor friends came by for dinner, as well.  It was a very busy day, but it was such a wonderful day.  How was your Southern Style and Hospitality Thanksgiving?

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