Most people would say I have an eclectic home that reflects collections of old and new.  We can design whatever style a person likes, no matter the style, but for June DeLugas, it includes fine furnishings, artwork, and accessories collected over many years.  I am currently trying to blend the old with the new to give an updated version of “Southern Style”.  I guess that it is why they say you can’t change what someone loves.  I have always known since I was very young what I love.  I think it comes naturally from my father, who in my eyes could do anything.   He could make a part for a lawnmower, install a dishwasher, work on cars, and pick up a paint brush and paint a finish he had only seen once, mixing paints and colors beautifully.  There is no doubt that my brothers and I inherited some of his talents.  My younger brother is a musician and he loved drawing as a child, but let’s get back to what I love.  Blue and white never leaves my house.  We have versions of it stashed everywhere; kitchen, dining, bedroom, den, and foyer.  It is just my absolute favorite accent.  Most of what I have is old and has more meaning than the new pieces.  I love modern fabrics for curtains and pillows accenting a modern fabric bed along with antique furnishings.  I also like mixing abstract paintings with an old mirror.   Painting old furniture a shade of white, such as Dove Wing from Benjamin Moore, updates the old piece to blend as well.   Sometimes adding a piece of new furniture to an old group will be the perfect addition.  For myself, I am changing the dining room chair fabric on the bottom of my old wood chairs against a l00 year old Chestnut table.  I am also adding two fabric wing end chairs with clean lines, as well.  The curtains may or may not change, but I am thinking about it.  The walls, ceiling, and trim will be painted a lighter color.  All of this does take time and if you feel uncomfortable trying to accomplish the updo for your room, it might be good to ask for some help.  Southern style can be designed your way!