When we finish creating room layouts, select furnishings, rugs, and art, we can see life being interjected into the space. We draw spaces in 3D and our goal is to create spaces that nurture our clients. What that means to me is loving the homes and feeling about in them. Some homes immediately speak to you when you walk in because of the warmth, and you can feel the presence of family love. The way we create this feeling is with many textures and colors in those textures. Textures are rugs, upholstery, accessories, artwork, multiple colors, plants, pillows, throws, etc. A throw might be cotton and the rug might be wool. Those are independent textures. Most of the upholstery today is more than one blend of surfaces. It could be polyester and cotton or polyester and wool, or a combination of fibers. All the textures can be neutrals, or the textures can be multiple colors. A room full of textures can be as beautiful as one with color. I have seen a lot of designer photos lately that have a moody theme, darker colors on the walls than we are used to seeing. I personally like a lot of light, but we can certainly do moody if a client likes the idea. Spaces that Nurture Us are important when deciding on your new space or recreating one of your old spaces.