It’s beginning to look a lot like Spring when you realize that there are flowers popping up outside your home.  Only a few weeks ago we were all trying to stay warm around the fireplace at night, but the turn in weather warms our hearts and inspires us to start thinking about projects around the house.  We encourage you to call now if you are thinking of remodeling any room in your home.

Most people have noticed that their hardwood floors and moldings have separated, as well as other wood products in their homes will sometimes crack, due to the cold winter temperatures.    My husband asked me what it would cost to repaint our trim.  We moved into our home in 2004, so I guess it is time and will be the next item on my list.  The next project will be the master bathroom, which needs updating, as well as the kitchen.  I have talked about the kitchen for several years now.  I’m going to do it this year with new countertops, a new backsplash, and possibly paint the cabinets.  We will have to see how much my husband can accept the change.   He is an engineer and sometimes you must give him a few months to adapt to change.  I’ve learned how to do this with him over the years.

If you have a favorite room you’ve been thinking about redoing, repurposing, revamping, or remodeling, call us because we can help.  Spring is definitely in the air.



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