With market behind us, we are starting to receive orders.  Lamps were top on our agenda and WOW, what we ordered is beautiful.  That brings me to the topic of Lighting.  Lamps are an essential element in a room for ambience and for much needed lighting.  They serve as beautiful accessories that give color as well as light.  When we are ascertaining what our client’s needs are, we begin with the design process, which is used to determine the style and comfort for the home.



  • The kind of human activity for which lighting is to be provided
  • The amount of light required
  • The color of the light as it may affect the views of objects and the environment as a whole
  • The distribution of light within the space to be lighted, whether indoor or outdoor
  • The effect of the lightened system itself on the user

It is important to appreciate that the ultimate criterion of success in lighting is the human response, that is, whether what is to be seen clearly, easily and without discomfort.

We spend a lot of time in the showrooms to select lamps that we think will work for our customers, from the latest trends to traditional. We love lighting!