For many of us, the spring season brings about a feeling of renewal, and spring cleaning often gives way to spring redecorating.  It is also the season for social gatherings- baby showers, wedding showers, graduation parties, Easter gatherings.  If you plan to host a few spring events yourself, now is the time to consider sprucing up your home.

While the bright colors of spring can be inspiring, they can quickly take over the décor of a home when misused.  The market trends of teal, coral, yellow, and lime green are beautiful when used in moderation.  If your color scheme for the walls and large furniture pieces are mostly neutral, you can have a field day adding bursts of color in accessories, throw pillows, and area rugs.  Our favorite accents are corals, and blues mixed with gray.  New lighting is another wonderful way to brighten up your room in both color and function.  A colorful lamp here or there will go a long way.

Next, select some artwork that makes your space unique.  We represent many local artists at our design center and I can think of no better way to add color and personality to your room.  Original art is a great conversation starter when you have a bevy of guests in your home.   Bring the outdoors in with colorful sculpture that reflects nature.  Abstracts are a favorite at our design center in both art and soft goods.

If you have overnight guests, brighten your guest room with a brightly colored throw at the foot of the bed.  This assures your guest the perfect temperature during their stay while adding a fun pop of color.  A scented diffuser will ensure your house always smells as fresh and beautiful as it looks.

We have a wonderful selection of accessories, lamps, pillows, artwork, and more.  Whether you are remodeling or changing décor, visit our retail store and design center for inspiration on your spring project!


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