Did you know that style and sophistication go together?  Style includes furniture, accessories, décor, design, and all that go with them.  Your style.  We normally help clients select pieces that will stand the test of time.  For myself, I made it l5 years between purchasing sofas and changing my family room.  I always stick to basics for my furniture and change out the accessories, pillows, artwork, and maybe the rug.   These items will bring your room up to date.  I personally stayed with layered, neutral basic pieces.    The pillows are mixed with new and old fabric.  The artwork is also mixed with modern and old, as well.  Juxtaposition.   It is not that hard to do.  I am also a blue person, whereas I incorporated some form of blue in every room.  I have liked blue since I was l4 and never deviated from this color.  I may add greens and other colors to it, but blue will always remain my favorite color.    I always make sure what I am doing makes sense in form and function to the architecture.  Being pretty does not work, if the function does not work for our clients.  Good design does more than appeal to the senses.  A layout for your family, that works, makes sense.     Remember key pieces stay with you a long time.  So love what you purchase.  I do.  For my home, I have integrated many antiques.  I also started, at a very young age, going to auctions with my uncle, where I bought pieces I refinished and kept.  Over the many years and four homes later, I have accumulated many pieces, from French and English to American-made antiques.   I still love a well-made piece of hand-hewn furniture with pegs and dovetail drawers.  I bought a chest of drawers recently that I hand rubbed and studied for several hours.  The longer I stood in front of it, the more I knew I had to purchase it.  If you want to see this treasure, come by my store and take a peek.  You may be as drawn to it as I was.  Pure “Style and Sophistication”.