Everyone has a style, but they may not know what it is.  We try to take what clients can see as a canvas and make suggestions.  We can make it a reality.  We find a starting point, whether it’s wallpaper, textiles, tile, granite, or furniture.  It is a beginning to an inspiration.

Maybe a client has seen magazines with eclectic style or southern plantation style.  They normally request what they see in magazines or maybe on HGTV.  It is helpful when they show us a magazine or a photo of something they like for us to really know what to create for them.    We can always make suggestions either way.    Most clients ask me what are the current trends?  That is not hard for us, since we go to the Atlanta market and the High Point market for the purpose to know what the trends are going to be.  For instance, in the year 20l9, Pantone has selected the color Coral to be popular.  We are already seeing it added to our teal and blue fabrics.  What a beautiful combination!  Organic fabrics are very popular.  We continue to see light and airy selections that have clean lines, along with doses of bright color pops with contemporary patterns.  With our huge selection of fabric books in-house, and our own workroom for draperies, we get the opportunity to work with a lot of different styles and textures of fabrics.   Woven textiles offer so much in-depth and comfort.  It’s one of my favorites.  Most designers love color, pattern, and texture.  We are like children at Christmas when fabric samples come in.  We touch, feel, and ogle over the new fabrics.   Fabrics soften the lines of furnishings, colors, and texture.  We make every selection flow with other items in the house and create a story.    Think of us as creating exclusive designs and luxurious simplicity.    Draperies are making such a comeback and we are thrilled because panels that frame a window complete your look and can finish a room by bringing the outside into the room.  There is so much we can do with textiles and trims for curtains with all the trim access we have; color and pattern.    So, what is your style?