Creating beautiful and comfortable bedrooms comes naturally to us.  We have all the sources to create anything from all neutral with different textures to any color scheme imaginable.  Upholstered headboards are very popular and we can have one custom designed for you in any size or shape with a fabric of your choice.  For those of you who have high beds and mattresses, we have access to oversized coverlets and duvet covers to fit large beds.  Don’t forget the sheets that should be so soft that you sink right in.

For many of us, we often wait and spend money on the master bedroom last.  I think of the master bedroom as one of the most important rooms of the home and it should not be neglected.  Walking through your master bedroom should bring instant zen; think of it as a place of peace and relaxation.  As the centerpiece of your room, the bed is inarguably the most important component of a comfortable sanctuary.  Investing in a high quality mattress will help you wake up rested and restored.  Younger parents ask for kid-friendly materials and we have plenty of those options as well.  Another item on my checklist is to make sure you have something soft to step on when you get out of bed; it is hard enough to get out of bed without have icy floors to greet you.  Lighting is another important aspect that will help create a soft, flattering, and romantic setting.  I would suggest lighting with easy access so you can reach controls from your bed.  Don’t forget artwork; it is the fastest way to inject personality into your decor.

There is one more element that should not be overlooked…the paint color.  It is as important as the furnishings and linens.  I think of soothing colors that will help you rest.  For me, that means tranquil blues, peaceful azures, quiet corals, sandy beiges balanced with plenty of white and cream.  All of these ideas will create that cozy, relaxing, and comfortable retreat.

Happy Valentine’s Day & God Bless!

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