Summer months are spent with children home from school, vacationing, and catching up on those long-overdue projects.  We normally remind our clients that if you are thinking of remodeling a bathroom or a kitchen, you should start early in the now to be able to finish the project by the holidays, and nowadays, supply and demand dictate the schedule.  Yes, it does take that long!

Before you begin a remodeling project, you must gather all the requirements and then move on to planning and CAD drawings.  After that, you have to look at many selections for cabinet styles and finishes, granite countertops, tile for flooring and enclosures, cabinet pulls, plumbing fixtures, paint colors, and especially lighting.  It is overwhelming for most, but for us, it comes naturally.

Many people don’t know that we offer remodeling services from start to finish.  We begin with CAD drawings to propose a practical design.  We ask many questions to gather your input and requirements.  We want to know what you see in your mind, your vision, and how you want to change what you currently have to create your future state.  You may not imagine a tub in your master bath because you desire a walk-in shower with updated chrome fixtures or nowadays soft gold (not shiny brass).  A tile backsplash is an important decision and design element in the kitchen. Much thought should be put into the new appliances.

With our CAD drawings, we can rearrange a room to make it more efficient and visually flowing in addition to providing details such as a lighting plan. When you work with our design firm, you have three heads reviewing your project instead of just one. You will have the best possible design and we do all the work.  We act as the project manager and have our own group of highly skilled and bonded contractors who work with us including plumbers, electricians, craftsmen, and installers; we value their quality of work and professionalism. Turnkey, design, and implementation.

Are you thinking about a remodel project but don’t know where to start? Start With Us!  We are ready to help you begin your project today.