We love all the new items that our vendors are sending us information about.  With a special invite, I recently made a trip to a few showrooms in High Point.  They were well sanitized and scrutinized.  Only a few were open since you could only go with an invite.  You had to wear a mask and they took your temperature.  The HW showroom that I visited is very large, and I was the only one in the showroom, other than the few sales reps that were there to meet their clients (like JDI).  There were three floors and no one to talk to.  I had fun taking photos and enjoying what this coming year 2021 has in store for us.  This is how we learn.  We try out the product and take notes on how the sofa and chairs actually sit.  Our customers depend on us to sell good products.  We have several sofas in our store that can be sat on to try out.  We can sell them off the floor and then replace the pieces easily or we can custom order.  Our best kept secret in town offers all of what I saw today.  HW has great designers, including Lillian August, and their showroom is phenomenal.  I love getting inspiration from their showroom and the surprise of colors that we will see in the upcoming months.  I only visited two showrooms.  The second one was just as fabulous.  The bright colors are so stunning, as were the accessories, artwork, and mirrors.  There were lots of fun items.  I could not get enough of this showroom.  They were also very cautious.  The showrooms are large, but I wore my mask and the sales rep wore his.  They also took my temperature before going in.  When you are the only one there, you know you don’t have any worries.  Please enjoy our photos.  Colors of varying shades of blue, green, and coral were very popular.  Painted furniture is even more popular, but soft color stains are acceptable as well, mixed with painted pieces.  The surprise is in the photos.