We are in a state that has so much to offer in the way of furnishings, textiles, and sustainable fabrics.  The trend for the past several years has been toward Revolution Performance Fabrics.  Almost in our back yard is a company in Kings Mountain, NC making Crypton fabrics that are also considered a durable, cleanable, soft, and sun resistant.  All our manufacturers have added these fabric types to their racks in our store for a vast selection that can be chosen for a durable fabric.  These fabrics are rated Greenguard Gold certified.  Upcycling is the process of transforming byproducts, waste, and other trash into useful materials. Olefin is the only upcycled fiber available for making upholstery fabric.    Olefin is dyed without the use of water and requires almost no land or water for its production.  All the yarns at the mill are either woven in-house at their Kings Mountain, NC plant or sourced within 300 miles of the mill.  The local supply reduces resources, energy consumption, and provides jobs for local workers.

We are happy to offer these fabrics in all color variations and prints for beds and upholstery furnishings.  Most people cannot tell it is a revolution performance fabric.  With one of the manufacturers we offer in our store, The MT Company, we have over l00 selections at our fingertips.  On top of that, they have Joe Ruggiero designer fabrics in the sunbrella fiber fabrics.  These are fabulous and we are grateful to have them to offer our clients.